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#TheOtherSide of Esplanade

Hello from #THEOTHERSIDE of Esplanade Mall! Or at least this is what I call the corner we’re in 😅

“You’re in Esplanade? Where? I go there all the time.”

(after an in-depth explanation of where exactly in Esplanade we are at)

“Orhhhh, the OTHER SIDE of Esplanade ah…” (read: The side so many visitors miss out on!)

And yes, it is at this OTHER SIDE that I’ve gotten to know these two bosses.

(From left: Chye, Me and Chef Han) 

Chye of @oldschooldelights has been cooking local delights (like Nasi Lemak, Meesiam) with recipes passed down generations in his family and Chef @han_lg of @labyrinth and @missvandasg has been championing local produce with his Michelin star powered talent.

Anytime we talk about @sanitycoffeebar it’s hard not to talk about these two neighbours as well. We’re pretty proud to coexist in #theotherside with such passionate and honest F&B people.

In this funny little COVID season we’re in, we’ve had many opportunities to sit down and share our plans, disappointments and  ambitions. 

It’s been rough but this mall has some of the nicest people I’ve met. 

From Chye/Chef Han to the Toast Box 小弟小妹s to the ushers at the door to the mall team(Rachelle and Esther) who have kept the rental waiver conversations going and have exercised patience, grace and kindness on a personal level even when we were at our wits end and pushed harder than even what we would be comfortable with. 

#BaristaLua and I can testify to how much 人情味 there is in this mall. Peiling, Bavani, Raymond, Shang, Immanuel… the list goes on. 

Maybe one day @SanityCoffeeBar will have to go. But it would not have been in vain at all. #TheOtherSide of Esplanade has been like a forgotten garden that has blossomed in its own unique way, attracting to it a unique community of flora fauna and… wildlife. 

I started this as an IG post. 

To share about upcoming collabs with @oldschooldelights and @missvandasg, but got carried away with good thoughts and emotions that I decided there was no way I could censor my lorsoh-ness and that it should just end up as a blog post. 

If you’re reading this, and you’ve been to #TheOtherSide here at Esplanade, I do hope to see you again very soon! 

We’re working hard at making sure we don’t burn ourselves out trying to make a living. And I’m happy to say that despite the physical and mental exhaustion this season has brought upon us, we’re not just MAKING a living. We’re actually enjoying the process or learning and evolving. 

I enjoy a good pun but this is a tricky one and I hesitated in sharing about it when this whole pandemic first started. But now that we've all eased into this #newnormal a little better... 

We've got you COVID for your coffee needs. 

So, come what may. 
Carpe Diem! 

(@sanitycoffeebar's #MrLorbak Piakssant and an iced black coffee)

(@MissVandaSG's Manjimup Black Truffle Creme Chantilly Kueh Lapis with Local Milk Tea Ice Cream) 

(@oldschooldelights Mee Siam)